UTI Antibiotics – Why You Shouldn’t Use Them

Urinary tract infections can be easily cured without the use of antibiotics or any other medication. This article will explain why it’s best to avoid antibiotics, when it comes to treating a UTI and will also show you how easily it can be cured. If you still decide to use antibiotics, stick to those guidelines in order to avoid the side effects and complications that can result. Here are three reasons not to treat your UTI with antibiotics:

1. You can eliminate a UTI infection without antibiotics in less than 24 hours

It is important that you start treating UTI as soon as possible – if you leave the infection untreated for too long, there can be serious complications, such as kidney infection (pyelonephritis). A Urinary tract infection is one of the few conditions, for which there is a completely natural cure, which works better and a lot faster than pharmaceutical drugs. Keep in mind that most ‘household remedies’ that you might read about on the Internet are also not helpful – baking soda and vinegar are not going to cure an infection, no matter what some people might claim.

2. Most UTI infections are antibiotics-resistant.

Even if your UTI infection is not caused by the antibiotics-resistant strain E. coli, treating your urinary tract infection with UTI antibiotics puts you in a relatively high risk of a secondary infection, which is almost always resistant to antibiotics and has to be treated with Quinolone. The complications, which can result from that are described here.

3. A high risk of a second infection, which is difficult to treat with UTI Antibiotics.

Antibiotics for UTI will not only not prevent any future infections, but they tend to make them more likely to occur. As we already stated, secondary infections are very difficult to treat, because they are usually resistant to the antibiotic, which was originally used. Most secondary infections have to be treated with Fluoroquinolones, which carry some risks and much like other antibiotics – do not guarantee that your urinary tract infection will be eliminated permanently.

Why a lot of doctors still prescribe antibiotics for UTI?

Mainly because they are an ‘accepted’ form of treatment. Doctors are taught to prescribe you the medication, which will get rid of your tangible symptoms the quickest. They are not concerned with any future complications, or whether or not they are prescribing the most effective treatment. It’s the same reason why doctors prescribe antihistamines for allergies, painkillers for headaches and hormone treatment for PMS.

Currently, the whole medical industry is based on producing medication, which will get rid of the external symptoms the quickest. Only a very small percentage of the pharmaceutical drugs actually help their patients and get rid of the underlying cause of diseases. UTI antibiotics are no exception.