Preventing Mold Growth On The Carpet

Carpet is a piece of equipment that almost every home has it. The function of the carpet itself is as a place to sit cross-legged and relax while chatting or watching tv or other activities. Sometimes if the carpet is not well maintained, it can cause molds that cause the carpet to become smelly. You can do a variety of ways to get rid of mold on the carpet especially if you use the help from Sydney North Shore Carpet Cleaning service. However, as the saying goes prevention is the best thing we have to treat. It would be nice if you can prevent the fungus from appearing on the carpet. Here is how to prevent the carpet from the mold.

The first step you can take to prevent the appearance of mold on the carpet is to clean the carpet using a vacuum cleaner. You must clean the carpet with a vacuum cleaner at least once every two weeks. Or it would be better if you regularly clean the carpet with a vacuum cleaner once every week. By cleaning the routine using a vacuum cleaner, the carpet can avoid the appearance of molds that will trigger dangerous things that are not wanted, such as the carpet to smell and cause itching on the skin. The vacuum cleaner will be able to suck up the dust and fungus at the same time. When you clean the carpet with a vacuum cleaner try cleaning it outdoors or outdoors.

Another step you can take to prevent the molds from appearing on your carpet is by drying it in the hot sun. You can hang your carpet once a week in the sun so the carpet doesn’t get damp. Because most carpet becomes a comfortable nest for the fungus to multiply. Put the carpet in the sun all day long from the morning at 8 or 9 in the morning until 4 or 5 in the afternoon so that your carpet is completely dry. If the carpet has already appeared mold, you can dry the carpet for one to two days in the sun so that the carpet is completely free of mold.

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