Natural Antibiotics

Ever since they were first discovered some decades ago, antibiotics have been continuously researched and improved. While the advancements made in this field have been great, the bacteria that antibiotics are used to fight is evolving at a much higher rate, therefore making it more and more difficult for synthetic antibiotics to do their job right.

Our body has the best built in mechanism for fighting bad bacteria, the immune system. The natural antibiotics that can be found in our bodies are very much alike with the synthetic antibiotics that doctors prescribe.  The mains difference is that natural antibiotics are much more effective in fighting bad bacteria and unlike synthetic antibiotics, they protect the good bacteria that our bodies need instead of destroying good and bad bacteria altogether. Also, natural antibiotics do not have bad side effects that prescribed antibiotics sometimes have.

Synthetic antibiotics were introduced to the public in order to aid people whose immune systems were weakened and couldn’t fight the bacteria on their own. But seeing how these antibiotics no longer work the way that they did years ago, people should consider looking elsewhere to get their bodies protected. Strengthening one’s immune system is probably the best way to keep the body protected and prevent the diseases from ever catching on.

Natural antibiotics aren’t only found in the human body but in several other natural products and supplements, some of which you may be able to find in your home right now. Garlic, for example is one of the best natural antibiotics that helps the body fight infections. It also strengthens the immune system and can be used to treat minor infections in the mouth, throat and ear.

Honey is another great natural antibiotic that you may already have in your home. In some cases, honey is much better to use than pharmaceutical antibiotics. It has many other attributes that improve the overall health of the human body.

The olive leaf extract is another natural antibiotic that has gives great benefits to the human body, being especially effective against colds and flu. This natural antibiotic is also used in treating fungal or yeast infections and allergies.

There are many other kinds of natural antibiotics which you could use to strengthen your immune system and therefore help your body fight against illnesses but more importantly, prevent the illnesses from ever catching on in the first place.