Are Antibiotics for Bacterial Vaginosis Really Effective As a Permanent Cure?

In the long-term dilemma of the women population with regards to bacterial vaginosis, many are just too frustrated searching for the fastest relief that they immediately seek shield from the instant relief that conventional antibiotics for bacterial vaginosis offers to provide.

It is known by many that vaginitis transpires when the normal pH balance of the female flora are disrupted. As a consequence, harmful bacteria will begin to take its toll causing the manifestation of the most common symptoms of bacterial vaginosis. This is when the time that you would start to bear with the fish-like odor of a noticeable vaginal discharge that intensifies after sexual intercourse. The color of the vaginal discharge ranges from being dirty white to slightly gray.

This is often combined with itching within the vaginal region and when left untreated would worsen into developing a degree of inflammation that would bring about more discomfort and irritating consequences for a woman suffering the condition. Most of the time, these are the common consequences that sufferers cannot stand to bear that they immediately look for antibiotics for vaginosis that are effective enough to help free them from the symptoms of this vaginal infection.

Flagyl and Metronidazole are among the most common antibiotic treatment for bacterial vaginosis that most doctors prescribed for patients afflicted by this vaginal infection. Both can be taken orally or as a vaginal gel or cream. There are also antibiotics in the form of vaginal suppositories in the veins of MetroGel and Clindanmycin. While most of these medications can provide fast relief for the symptoms of BV, this is only temporarily within a short period of time.

The rate of recurrence is high when using this type of treatment approach. Another concern with Metronidazole options is with regards to the numerous side effects particularly to the development of a yeast infection. This is the reason why some physicians prefer to recommend Tinidazole due to its effectiveness in alleviating the symptoms of BV while at the same time minimizing the negative side effects compared to the former. But like all other antibiotics, relief is for momentary duration alone and the condition would again surface coupled with worse symptoms within just a few weeks.

Now, if you are still wishing to gain more information if antibiotics can be an effective permanent cure for the condition, it would be imperative that you search online for more testimonials and proven facts that would reveal the truth about this treatment. For sure, you would stumble upon facts that would suggest that it is not advisable to turn to repeated antibiotic treatment because your body would develop immunity to these antibiotics, which would bring about more predicaments in the long run.